Enhancement Detail

Our Enhancement Detail is perfect for those looking to transform their vehicle on a budget. An Enhancement is our entry service into machine polishing, offering a cost-effective solution where Minor or Major Paint Correction is not a viable option. It is often used to prepare vehicles for sale due to its thorough cleansing process, whilst dramatically improving the appearance of the vehicle via a light machine polishing process.

The machine polishing process in our Enhancement Detail differs from our Paint Correction services. With this process, a light polishing compound is used which will permanently remove a small percentage of defects, whilst its semi-permanent filling capabilities will sit in, hide and improve any defects that couldn’t be fully removed. This process also builds a bed of Si02 on the vehicle’s paint in the polishing stage, which when left to cure creates an ultra-strong base for a coating to be applied.

Cquartz Lite is the Ceramic Coating of choice for our enhancement details. It works perfectly in combination with the Si02 base that the polishing stage left behind, offering a minimum of 12 months of protection if the vehicle is maintained correctly. Cquartz Lite will offer high levels of gloss, superhydrophobic and anti-staining properties which will make washing your vehicle an effortless task.

This is by no means a paint correction detail, it is designed to improve lightly blemished cars or prepare a vehicle for sale. This service will improve the appearance of all surfaces in a short, cost-effective timescale. If you require a true paint correction or a more durable ceramic coating, please see our minor paint correction and major paint correction services.

Enhancement Detail Breakdown

  • Pre rinse and Snowfoam.
  • Arches and door shuts degreased.
  • Wheels cleaned, removing burnt on brake dust and tar contamination.
  • Exterior washed using 2 bucket method & quality wash mitts.
  • Tar removed from bodywork & trim.
  • Industrial fallout removed from bodywork & trim.
  • Vehicle clay barred to remove bonded contaminants such as tree sap.
  • Paintwork, shuts & wheels dried using quality microfibre towels & compressed air.
  • Vehicle placed on scissor lift.
  • Vehicle machine polished using a light polishing / filling compound.
  • Panel wiped to remove residue from polishing stages and inspected prior to coatings.
  • Ceramic Coatings applied to the paintwork.
  • Ceramic Coatings applied to the wheels faces.
  • Coatings and dressings applied to the grills & trims.
  • Exterior glass sealed to help improve wet weather visibility.
  • Exhausts polished.

Optional Engine
Bay Package:

  • Engine bay cleaned and degreased
  • Engine Bay Dressed

Optional Interior Package:

  • Interior vacuumed
  • Plastics wiped
  • Glass cleaned
  • Fabric coat applied to mats and carpets
  • Leather coating applied to interior leather surfaces


When contacting please ensure you provide accurate information regarding the make, model and colour of your vehicle to allow for accurate quotation. Please note, due to timescales involved as part of our booking process small non-refundable deposits are required to secure your booking slot.