New Car Preparation Detail

You would expect a brand new car to be delivered with flawless paintwork,
however, this is rarely the case. There are several reasons for this:

– Storage conditions
– Transportation damage
– Poor preparation during a pre-delivery valet due to inexperienced dealership valet personnel

Nearly every new car produced will be sporting some visible paint defects by the time it hits the dealership showroom. This is the unfortunate reality, but our New Car preparation Detail is designed to not only remove those defects, but to improve the overall standard of the vehicle from its factory condition. Machine polishing will vastly improve the depth and clarity of your vehicles factory paint finish, whilst protective coatings will further enhance the glass like finish of the freshly polished paintwork.

Each new car will be inspected for its condition individually to identify damage such as wash marring, swirl marks, scratches, chemical etching and contamination build up. A tailored paint correction and decontamination process will be carried out to remove the defects, ensuring all surfaces of the vehicle are in perfect condition prior to a ceramic coating install.

Your pride and joy is then treated with some of the most durable, exclusive and refined products currently available to the industry. Cquartz / Modesta Ceramic Coatings are applied to the Paintwork, Glass, Wheels and Trim. All interior surfaces are then cleaned, with fabric and leather coatings available not only to offer protection, but to maximise and prolong the surfaces appearance for as long as possible.

The truth about dealership “Lifetime protection systems”

Upon purchasing a new vehicle the dealership will often try and promote their own protection package, which is usually sold with the claim of “lifetime protection”. That claim is not only impossible to achieve, but the products they are using are merely sub standard polishes and glazes to hide, rather than remove defects, to make your vehicle look somewhat respectable for handover. These types of products very rarely last longer than 6 months in reality and offer very little protection for your paintwork. A valet personnel will usually spend around 1-2 hours applying the product, compared to the minimum 3 days we require the car for.

Build your coating package from the options below

We offer different paint coating packages, wheel, glass and interior which can be built bespoke for your vehicle:

CQUARTZ PROFESSIONAL Approx 2 Year Durability…    …£945.00
CQUARTZ FINEST RESERVE Approx 3 Year Durability…    …£1095.00
CARPRO FABRIC COATING Interior Configuration Specific Pricing…    …£POA.00


Bespoke Detailing Cheshire - Cheshire Based Detailing & PPF Studio, New Car Paint Correction Detail
Bespoke Detailing Cheshire - Cheshire Based Detailing & PPF Studio, New Car Paint Correction Detail
Bespoke Detailing Cheshire - Cheshire Based Detailing & PPF Studio, New Car Paint Correction Detail

New Car Preparation Detail Breakdown

  • Pre rinse and Snowfoam.
  • Arches and door shuts degreased.
  • Exterior washed using 2 bucket method & quality wash mitts.
  • Tar removed from bodywork & trim.
  • Industrial fallout removed from bodywork & trim.
  • Vehicle clay barred to remove bonded contaminants such as tree sap.
  • Paintwork, shuts & wheels dried using quality microfibre towels & compressed air.
  • Vehicle placed on scissor lift & wheels removed.
  • Wheels cleaned, removing burnt on brake dust and tar contamination.
  • Sensitive edges, plastics and trims masked.
  • Single stage machine polish is carried out to remove minor defects.
  • Panel wiped to remove residue from polishing stages and inspected prior to coatings.
  • Ceramic Coatings applied to the paintwork and infrared cured.
  • Ceramic Coatings applied to the enitirity of the wheels.
  • Ceramic Coatings and dressings applied to the grills and trims.
  • Exterior glass sealed to help improve wet weather visibility.
  • Exhausts polished and heat resistant coating applied.
  • Wheels refitted and tyres dressed.

Optional Engine
Bay Package:

  • Engine bay cleaned and degreased
  • Engine Bay Dressed

Optional Interior Package:

  • Interior vacuumed
  • Plastics wiped
  • Glass cleaned
  • Fabric coat applied to mats and carpets
  • Leather coating applied to interior leather surfaces


When contacting please ensure you provide accurate information regarding the make, model and colour of your vehicle to allow for accurate quotation. Please note, due to timescales involved as part of our booking process small non-refundable deposits are required to secure your booking slot.