Paint Protection Film (PPF)

PPF Installation Studio, Cheshire

Bespoke Detailing offers premium Paint Protection Film (PPF) installation in Nantwich, Cheshire. PPF safeguards your vehicle’s exterior from stone chips, road debris, scratches, swirl marks, insect damage, and abrasion, keeping your vehicle paintwork pristine and enhancing its resale value.

Our PPF is designed to be transparent, providing an optically clear protective layer. It incorporates the latest self-healing topcoat technology, automatically repairing minor abrasions like swirl marks and fine scratches. Our PPF film doesn’t require any heating, even in temperatures as low as -20 degrees C. For customers seeking a matte finish, we also offer Stealth (matte) film options that can match “frozen” colors or transform a gloss finish into matte.

Experienced PPF Installation Technicians

At Bespoke Detailing, we take pride in our highly experienced team, dedicated to delivering flawless PPF installations. We ensure that every panel is wrapped precisely, including edges, for complete coverage and protection. To achieve this level of accuracy, we utilise industry-leading in-house plotting equipment and 3D scanned patterns. Our staff undergo regular training to stay up-to-date with the latest PPF materials and application techniques, guaranteeing that we remain at the forefront of the Paint Protection Film industry.

What areas can you protect with PPF?

PPF is a versatile product that can be professionally applied to any non-textured exterior painted surface, including gloss black trims. We offer all levels of coverage to suit your vehicle’s requirements, from full coverage to a cargo boot protector.

Bespoke Detailing, Cheshire Based installers of PPF (Paint Protection Film) - Partial Front Kit
Partial Front End Kit
Bespoke Detailing, Cheshire Based installers of PPF (Paint Protection Film) - Full Front End Kit
Full Front End Kit
Bespoke Detailing, Cheshire Based installers of PPF (Paint Protection Film) - Full Car PPF Installation
Full Car PPF Installation

PPF physically protects your vehicle’s paintwork against damage. Other automotive paint protection systems such as ceramic coatings provide excellent protection against staining and grime, but have limited protection against impact damage such as from stone chips, roadside vegetation, or contact during washing or loading.

PPF offers worry-free use of your vehicle, relieving the constant concern on which journey the first stone chip will occur, or when parking and leaving your vehicle. It can also be used on high contact areas, which would usually receive wear and tear damage from day to day use, such as cargo load areas, door ‘B’ pillars and handles.

If you look incredibly carefully, only just! Ongoing technological developments mean modern films are so optically clear that they now enhance the finish of the vehicle, rather than taking anything away. There is no ‘orange peel’ or dulling effect as per previous generations of PPF.

We have invested in the latest high-end equipment that creates pre-cut shapes taken from 3D scans of your vehicle. This means that each piece of film is the perfect shape of each panel before it is installed.

This allows us to achieve as many wrapped edges and tight corner fitments as possible, resulting in a nearly invisible finish to the naked eye. If the shape of the vehicle necessitates a joined/seamed ppf area, this will be fully discussed with you.

Yes, PPF can be removed at any time, with no sign that it was ever installed. An example where this could be required is due to damage, or if work on a particular panel is required. It is highly recommended that the vehicle is brought back to us in the event that any area of film requires removal, as it should be performed by a professional installer.

Maintaining PPF couldn’t be easier. You may wash your vehicle using the same processes as if no PPF were installed. The PPF we use is instant self-healing, meaning any wash-induced swirl marks simply disappear in temperatures down to -20C.

As with paintwork, a reasonable distance should be maintained when using a pressure washer, ensuring any non-wrapped edges do not receive too much force. Also relative to paintwork, PPF has some vulnerability to bug etching and bird lime. We therefore advise that it is removed at the earliest opportunity.

Full aftercare advice and guidance is provided upon the point of handover and is available at any time.